Appreciation Week

To bring smile in every person we meet, the KG team of Vidhya Sagar Global School thought of an innovative idea of celebrating an appreciation week .The highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. To inculcate this value in our evergreen champs, we instilled them to appreciate all the persons they come across in their day to day activities. Appreciation Day was celebrated from 15th July to 19thJuly, 2019. Monday to appreciate the pillars yes! PARENTS
Tuesday to appreciate all those who take care of us – THE CARETAKERS. Wednesday to appreciate the one who takes a hand, opens a mind and touches the heart -TEACHERS
Thursday is meant to thank the ones who makes our life brighter – FRIENDS  Friday is the dedicated to pat myself on my back. YES, it’s a day to appreciate MYSELF.
“Appreciation not only makes a day, even changes one’s life.”

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