Admission Procedure

Application for admission shall be obtained on payment of the prescribed registration fee towards the cost of Prospectus and Application Form.

Pupils coming from other schools and states must produce the following documents:

  • Transfer Certificate duly signed by the Principal/Headmaster of the previous school attended, and counter-signed by the Educational Officers.
  • Marks sheet and conduct certificate from the institution last attended.
  • Birth certificate from the following: (for KG Children), extract from the Register of Birth or from a Magistrate’s office (signed by a magistrate) or municipal office. No other Birth certificates will be accepted.
  • Community certificate in the case of SC, ST, BC and MBC from Thasildar.
  • No pupil will be admitted without the above documents.
  • Once the candidate gets selected for the admission, he has to pay all the fee within the period mentioned in the admission order.
  • Full tuition fees should be paid for the term even if the child leaves before the end of the term.

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